Paten Park Native Nursery is a not-for-profit, community organisation specialising in the indigenous plant species of south-east Queensland.

Our purpose is to protect and restore the ecological values of south-east Queensland habitats by returning locally indigenous plants to the landscape. 

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Growing, selling and promoting the use of indigenous plant species for every situation, from large-scale revegetation projects to home gardens
  • Encouraging community awareness and appreciation of the importance of native plants in the environment
  • Promoting the use of locally native plants in place of exotic species
  • Providing volunteering and educational opportunities for individuals to develop skills in identifying, selecting and growing native plants

We believe that habitat restoration is possible and necessary at all levels.  From rural to residential, the change and difference can be made literally in our own back yards.

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Paten Park Native Nursery

Paten Park Native Nursery is a not-for-profit community driven native plants nursery in The Gap, Brisbane. Driven by the love of native plants, we've been helping both local individuals and groups to give some love to our often neglected native species.
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery2 weeks ago
Lots of changes happening at PPNN including our new entrance. A big thanks to Roman for his craftsmanship. Looks fantastic!
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery1 month ago
Orthosiphon aristatus or Cats’s Whiskers providing some colour amongst the green.