About Us

We are a not-for-profit community Nursery. Our purpose is to protect and restore the ecological values of south-east Queensland habitats by returning locally indigenous plants to the landscape.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Growing, selling and promoting the use of indigenous plant species for every situation, from large-scale revegetation projects to home gardens
  • Encouraging community awareness and appreciation of the importance of native plants in the environment
  • Promoting the use of locally native plants in place of exotic species
  • Providing volunteering and educational opportunities for individuals to develop skills in identifying, selecting and growing native plants

We believe that habitat restoration is possible and necessary at all levels.  From rural to residential, the change and difference can be made literally in our own back yards.

Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery3 days ago
This beautiful northeast Queensland rainforest tree looks like it belongs in the Garden of Eden.
But don’t be deceived by its heavenly scent, ethereal array of white flowers or its appealing red fruit – all parts of the Scented Daphne (Phaleria clerodendron) are poisonous, although cassowaries are fine eating the fruit.
Also known as the Rosy Apple or Scented Phaleria, Phaleria clerodendron is a small tree or shrub endemic to Wet Tropics rainforest from the Cooktown area to Cardwell in north Queensland.
This shade-lover grows to about 4m tall in well composted soil and “deserves to be more commonly cultivated”, according to CSIRO’s Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants (https://apps.lucidcentral.org).
It has glossy green leaves and produces masses of perfumed, tubular flowers with a pineapple-like scent in Autumn and sometimes other times of the year. The flowers are followed by the attractive but toxic red fruit.
Like many tropical rainforest species, Scented Daphne also displays cauliflory or trunk flowers: flowers that grow and produce fruit directly from the trunk. It also has clusters of flowers and fruit that grow from its woody branches (ramiflory), as well as flowers that bud from its leaf axils (where the upper leaf stalk or petiole joins the supporting stem).
In the wild it may grow as a buttressed tree up to 10m tall. As a cultivated tree, it can be grown in frost-free areas as far south as Sydney.
Its bark when stripped is extremely strong and fibrous, like that of many plants that belong to the family Thymelaeaceae, which includes many African and Australian species. The bark of other genera in this family is used for making rope, paper or clothing.
Photo of flowers: Heather Knowles
Other photos: Andrea Ripper
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery6 days ago
Looking for a frangipani that still smells sweet but doesn’t lose its leaves each winter and lacks the irritating white sap of the typical Pacific island exotics?
The Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum) is the one to pick.
Its clusters of cream, yellow and white flowers bring beauty, butterflies, birds and bees to the garden in Spring.
As it’s evergreen, with beautiful glossy-green foliage, there are no piles of brown leaves to rake up.
It also lacks the white sap of exotic frangipanis and its fibrous bark is useful – indigenous people made string and rope from it.
This wet schlerophyll forest tree is native to Queensland, NSW and PNG, growing more than 20m tall in the wild but 6m-15m in cultivation.
It’s fast-growing, narrow and makes a good street or feature tree in sun or shade. It’s also clay-, drought- and frost-tolerant. Wonga pigeons like its seeds.

BCC Free Native Plant Program

Brisbane City Council’s Free Native Plants Program offers a range of plants to assist the community to plant and green their properties. The native species provided through the program will help grow our city’s urban forest and support local wildlife.

We are only able to accept approved stamped Free Native Plants vouchers.

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