Spathoglottis plicata fl
Hovea acutifolia, Pointed Leaf Hovea
Abelmoschus moschatus ssp tuberosus
Alloxylon flammeum
Melastoma malabathricum
Barklya syringifolia
Backhousia citriodora
Brunoniella australis
Xanthostemon chrysanthus
Spathoglottis plicata
Hovea acutifolia, Pointed Leaf Hovea
Abelmoschus moschatus ssp tuberosus
Alloxylon flammeum
Melastoma malabathricum
Barklya syringifolia
Backhousia citriodora
Brunoniella australis
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About Us

We are a not-for-profit community Nursery. Our purpose is to protect and restore the ecological values of south-east Queensland habitats by returning locally indigenous plants to the landscape.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Growing, selling and promoting the use of indigenous plant species for every situation, from large-scale revegetation projects to home gardens
  • Encouraging community awareness and appreciation of the importance of native plants in the environment
  • Promoting the use of locally native plants in place of exotic species
  • Providing volunteering and educational opportunities for individuals to develop skills in identifying, selecting and growing native plants

We believe that habitat restoration is possible and necessary at all levels.  From rural to residential, the change and difference can be made literally in our own back yards.

Paten Park Native Nursery

Paten Park Native Nursery is a not-for-profit community driven native plants nursery in The Gap, Brisbane. Driven by the love of native plants, we've been helping both local individuals and groups to give some love to our often neglected native species.
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery4 days ago
Fancy some bushfood jams with scones and cream, or discovering native edibles in the bushland around Paten Park Native Nursery?
Then join us for National Tree Day on Sunday, July 28, 10am-1pm, at the nursery, 57 Paten Rd, The Gap, with a host of activities, displays and stalls.
Dr Ketah Silvester from Brisbane Edible Gardening will offer guided bushwalks from the carpark at 10.30am and 11.30am, highlighting edible native plants in the bushland.
Her food forest and wildlife garden on the outskirts of Brisbane featured in Gardening Australia magazine (June). She's also one of the authors of Bush Food Plants for Queensland Gardens (available at PPNN), along with Margaret Walter (PPNN volunteer Margo) and Paul Ryan (PPNN manager), pictured. (Photo: Helen Witting)
Ketah runs Brisbane Edible Gardening (www.BrisbaneEdibleGardening.org) to raise awareness of unconventional food plants. She has also published “A Guide to Hardy Edible Perennial Plants for Southeast Queensland”.
Bushfood condiments including Margo's delicious Davidson Plum, Native Raspberry, Blush Satinash and Native Elderberry jams and Blood Lime marmalade will be for sale at the checkout, along with natural history and recipe books.
For lunch, fill up at our sausage sizzle (Gold Coin donation, with sausages from Meat at Billy’s), buy some scones with bushfood jams and cream and order a coffee from serea vintage caravan.
Children’s activities will include model painting, a Walkabout Creek Colouring Sheet (with free entry to the Walkabout Creek Centre zoo for completed sheets) and a plant quiz with a selected tubestock plant for each correct entry.
Meet delightful baby flying foxes with Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD carer Rebecca Appleton and hear her talk at 11am.
Save Our Waterways Now and Men of the Trees will have stalls showing the environmental work they do.
Discover the SE Qld's amazing variety of native plants among our plants for sale. Parking is limited, so park up the road near the Scout Hall and walk in if you can.
Thanks to Trevor Proud Creations for the National Tree Day painting.
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery7 days ago
If you’re keen to bring butterflies to your garden, try some of these pretty, petite native groundcovers.
The Pink Tongue (Rostellularia obtusa) produces vibrant magenta, purple or blue flowers throughout the year that attract butterflies and make it an eye-catching hanging basket or pot plant.
This adaptable plant does well in sun or part shade.
In the bush, it grows as a groundcover or small, sprawling herb up to 30cm tall in damp places in eucalypt forests in Queensland and northeast NSW as far south as the Tenterfield district.
Other small, flowering natives that attract butterflies include Billy Buttons (Chrysocephalum apiculatum), Mauve Clusters (Scaevola albida cv.) and the Purple Violet (Viola betonicifolia).
The Purple Violet is a delicate, tufted plant with pretty white-mauve flowers on erect stems. It hosts the endangered Laced Fritillary butterfly, occurs naturally in wet sclerophyll forests and likes a moist position in full or filtered sun.
Billy Buttons are sun-loving, frost-tolerant perennials that belong to the Daisy family (Asteraceae) and also attract birds. With silver-grey leaves and clusters of small, bright yellow flowers, they make a good groundcover for banks.
Mauve Clusters (Scaevola albida cv.) look good in hanging baskets, pots or as feature plants in borders or cottage gardens. This vigorous and relatively long-lived groundcover grows up to 20cm tall and 1-2m across in full or filtered sunlight.
Cat’s Whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus), with their beautiful, whiskery white, pink, lavender or blue flowers, also attract butterflies and are good for rockeries and cottage gardens.
Paten Park Native Nursery
Paten Park Native Nursery2 weeks ago
As National Tree Day (Sunday, July 28) approaches, two of Southeast Queensland’s most popular wattles are blooming, livening up verges and bushland with their sunny yellow flowers, despite some unseasonal grey skies and rain.
The Brisbane Wattle (Acacia fimbriata) is a graceful, quick-growing shrub with attractive feathery foliage and scented lemon-yellow pom-pom flowers that was named Brisbane’s additional floral emblem last year by popular choice (joining the Red Poinsettia, a plant native to Mexico, that was chosen in 1930).
This adaptable but short-lived Acacia is a classic Queensland wattle that occurs naturally in Brisbane, flowers in July-August, and grows about 4m tall. It likes a well-drained spot in full or filtered sunlight and can be grown as a screening plant.
It’s a host plant to the Tailed Emperor butterfly and its seed provides food for birds.
The Brisbane Wattle occurs in dry sclerophyll forests in coastal NSW and Queensland and adjacent tablelands as far north as Yeppoon and Carnarvon National Park, along rocky creeks and up mountain slopes.
The Queensland Silver Wattle (A. podalyriifolia) is another favourite Acacia with clusters of golden-yellow, globular flowers in June-July and attractive silvery-grey foliage.
It grows 3-5m tall in full sun or part shade and is found in coastal Queensland and northern NSW.
This hardy, frost-resistant plant attracts birds and butterflies and is easy to grow but may be short-lived.
Join us for NATIONAL TREE DAY at PPNN on Sunday, July 28, 10am-1pm, 57 Paten Rd, The Gap. There’ll be children’s nature craft activities, a bush foods stall, guided bushwalks (10.30am & 11.30am) with Dr Ketah Silvester from Brisbane Edible Gardening and the chance to meet orphaned flying fox babies with their carer Rebecca Appleton of Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD (Hear her talk at 11am). Food available for purchase includes scones with bush food jams and cream, a sausage sizzle (Gold Coin donation) and coffee from Shano's Coffee van. Our neighbours SOWN and also MOTT (Men of the Trees) will have stalls showing the environmental work they do. Entry is free but parking is limited so walk in if you can.

BCC Free Native Plant Program

Brisbane City Council’s Free Native Plants Program offers a range of plants to assist the community to plant and green their properties. The native species provided through the program will help grow our city’s urban forest and support local wildlife.

We are only able to accept approved stamped Free Native Plants vouchers.

Find out how to claim your FREE BCC native plant vouchers here!

We Do Gift Vouchers

Available now, Paten Park Native Nursery gift vouchers are the ideal gift for anyone with a green thumb. Contact us to learn more.

Nespresso Capsule Recycling Program

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