Koda – a special ornamental tree

Koda – a special ornamental tree

Like many Australian plants, the Koda (Ehretia acuminata) has a very long history of life on Earth. Fossil evidence suggests that the plant originated in Africa and spread to Australia and South America when these continents were still joined as a single land mass. Today, it is found in Australia (from Bega in NSW to Cape York), New Guinea, Vietnam, Nepal, China and Japan.

Although predominantly found at the edge of the various types of rainforest it thrives in disturbed areas and so is ideal for many regeneration projects. This medium sized tree (small enough to grow under power lines) would suit an average housing block. It is deciduous in winter and provides shade during hot summer days. The dense, sweetly scented panicles of flowers in spring are followed by large clusters of edible fruit from January to April. The flowers and fruit attract a range of beautiful birds such as Lewin’s honeyeater, the wompoo fruit dove and figbird as well as being a food plant for several butterflies. This hardy tree grows in well-drained soil with full sunlight, is largely pest and disease free and only requires a dose of fertiliser every spring.

Ehretia acuminata
Photograph by Heather Knowles.

Christmas is fast approaching and the nursery has some plants that would make wonderful gifts such as a range of Australian orchids, hoyas and ferns as well as the red flowering holly fuschia (Graptophyllum ilicifolia). Additionally, home-made Christmas cakes and jams made from native fruit, crafted shopping bags and decorations with fragrances of the bush will be available from mid-December. Come and browse our diverse range of potted splendours and find the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

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