“Go Native” Wild Food Cookbook

“Go Native” Wild Food Cookbook


GO Native Wild Food Cookbook
GO Native Wild Food Cookbook

If you’re looking for fresh flavours for an evening meal or inspiration for an exotic dessert using native plants, the “Go Native” Wild Food Cookbook $15 compiled and illustrated by Jan Sked won’t disappoint.

Bunya nuts top the list of ingredients but many other native plants add zest to the delicious dishes featured in this cookbook published by Native Plants Queensland’s Pine Rivers branch.

Cooked or raw, Bunya nuts are one of the most versatile and useful native plants, suitable for savoury or sweet dishes, according to author Jan Sked, and it’s no wonder that indigenous people travelled long distances just to eat the nuts of the “Bonyi” tree.

Bunya nuts feature in dozens of recipes such as Bunya & Beef Casserole, Bunya Duck, Bunya & Bacon Quiche, Steamed Bunya Nut Pudding and Chocolate Bunya Nut Cake.

The mix includes many other native species, from chef’s favourites Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragoniodes), Samphire (Sarcocornia quinqueflora) and Finger Limes (Citrus australasica) to the Midyim Berry (Austromyrtus dulcis), Rainforest Cherry (Syzygium australe), Burdekin Plum (Pleiogynium timorense) and even Stinging Nettles (Urtica spp.).

An illustration of each native plant accompanies botanical information about where to find and how to prepare them.

Recipes include main courses, salads and vegetables, jams and jellies, desserts and beverages such as Rainforest Cordial, Wattle Seed Liqueur and Burdekin Plum Wine.

Apple Macadamia Cobbler or Raspberry & Rainforest Cherry Pie anyone?

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