About NatureMapr

NatureMapr is Australia’s fastest growing citizen science platform achieving real world outcomes through community.

My goal is to relieve our incredible expert human moderators and a AI system in training name CarbonAI from the busy and time consuming work of identifying common/mundane species – so they can use their precious time to focus on the trickier stuff.

I’m currently undergoing live testing and expect to make a few mistakes – but I’m watching and learning.

If I make a mistake, please disagree with me by making an alternative suggestion or confirmation.

I’ll learn from it and become better.

Our mission

Empower anybody to report plant or animal information anywhere in Australia and ensure the information gets to the people that need to know about it.

Our values

  • Establish productive partnerships with local and state government Australia wide
  • Allow biodiversity information from anybody to contribute to real on the ground outcomes
  • Nurture learning and knowledge sharing within a positive and supportive community environment
  • Safeguard sensitive species through a comprehensive security model
  • Provide a trusted, up to date, community driven field guide for every reserve across Australia
  • Keep Aussie biodiversity data hosted on shore in Australia where it belongs!

For More Visit NatureMapr website.