Community Engagement

PPNN was established in 2015 with the primary purpose of promoting the use of native plants in our community. Since then we have branched (pardon the pun) into providing volunteering, education, training opportunities, and a work space for groups with special needs within our community.

In the past year alone, we have provided in excess of 100 000 native plants to our community.

All money generated through the sale of native plants is used to create a community that is greener, socially enhanced, and better educated on native species. In 2021 this has seen the:

1. The donation of approximately 5000 plants, expert advice and services to community and environment groups.

2. Provision of a safe space for groups of adults and children with physical or intellectual disabilities, to gain practical work experience.

3. Giving of over $5000 in grants to school environment clubs to enable them to create outside garden space; from butterfly gardens to vegetable stalls to sensory walkways.

4. The beginning of a collaboration with The Smith Family and Wildings Forest School, to provide outside learning and skill development to children who would not normally have access to these activities

5. Sponsorship and participation in key community events such as National Tree Day, community garden events and the koala fundraiser.

6. Hosting free or subsidised workshops ensuring accessibility to all.

While we have seen good growth, we have big plans for the future and invite everyone from the community to come and select from an impressive range of native plants, while at the same time help the community and our environment.